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Finlatec, Your Automation Partner

  • Finlatec is specialized in automation solutions for the industry
  • Finlatec has cumulated experience in automation for 37 years
  • Finlatec provides the state of art solutions for customers, by using modern software and best components and suppliers

Finlatec is specialized in

Robot solutions for handling, including machine tending, assembly, welding, measuring and testing

Robot solutions for finishing, including deburring, grinding, polishing, cutting, washing, coating and measuring

Flexible manufacturing systems by using robot or stacker crane

Logistics systems, including warehousing, transport systems, AGV and AIV solutions

Control systems from cell level control to large MES solutions and IoT solutions

Customized built solutions tailored for customer need

Concept design, supplier evaluation and project management for customers

Consulting customer in work flow and efficiency in production, including logistics solutions

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